Plan S Compliance

ACM is pleased to announce that authors receiving research grants from Coalition S funders and supporters are compliant with Plan S requirements as of January 2021 when publishing their research articles with ACM. 

As an organization committed to sustainable Open Access and to supporting our authors around the world, ACM has worked directly with the leadership of Coalition S and the ACM Publications Board to ensure compliance with the Plan S criteria for transformative publications as published here.  

As an ACM author, you are able to comply with Coalition S funder requirements to make your article available under a CC BY license in one of three ways – (1) you are a corresponding author based at an ACM Open institution, (2) you, your funder, or institution, has agreed to cover the cost of Article Processing Charges (APCs) for the published version of record (VOR), or (3) if you are unable to pay an APC under the first two scenarios, you may assign a CC BY license to your accepted manuscript version (AM). For more information on Plan S compliance, please contact us at